Аксессуары Giuliano



Additional pneumatic device for mounting/removing low-profiled tyres; it keeps the tyre set inside the rim inner groove, so allowing an easy introduction of bead-lifting lever as well as an easy setting in position of second bead.



Pneumatic device with 3 point-articulated arm; it keeps the bead of low-profiled or very hard profiled tyres set inside the rim inner groove until the second bead is completely set position. Countless advantages come from using this device, also during the several operations related to high professional tyres.



The same functionality of Press Arm but with double power !!! Two air cylinder (instead of one) give it a doubled pressure capacity on tyre. Together with the properly studied KIT PAX, it ebables the user to easily work on special PAX SYSTEM Tyres, without removing the wheel from its first locking position.



Pneumatic lifting platform; it allows the user to lift the tyre up to turntable level, so avoiding the operator any possible stress caused by tyre lifting operations.


ART. 234/01

Roller platform; it facilitates the rotation of heavy tyres during bead breaking operation.


ART. 231/01

Mounting tools quick change device; it gives the possibility of changing the mounting tool in a few seconds, using the most appropriate tool for each tyre: standard tool for normal size tyres, short and rounded tool for low-profiled tyres, plastic tool for light alloy rims. Just add a fastening hub to your mounting bar and you'll have the possibility of extending its use to any kind of new mounting tool !!!


ART. 250/03

Special fitting tool A/S has been designed for mounting and removing tires on aluminium wheels with curved spokes. Its thinner shape and shorter tail help safe operation on this new but more and more popular type of aluminium wheel, with no risk of touching the curved edge of the spoke. It's supplied with its fixing hub for combing with the Quick replacing mounting head kit (Art. 231/01).


ART. 255/03 - 252/03 - 275/03

The bead breaking has the same "one fits all" problems of tire fitting/removing operation. The quick replacing bead breaker blade kit gives a chance to quickly match, on your tire changer, the most proper bead breaker blade to the kind of tire you are bead-breaking. Angle and shape of the blade are actually basic features for a good bead breaking. This simple and quick system enables you to fit whatever kind of bead breaker blade to your tire changer, even in the future.


ART. 195/97

Set of adaptors for motorcycle tyres; it is suitable for any kind by GIULIANO; fixed on the turtable locking clamps, it allows an easy locking of motorcycle wheel rims from 6" to 23".


ART. 272/04

This set of motorcycle clamping adaptors has an extra height of 25mm. if compared with our Art. 195/97. This makes them the best for clamping motorcycle wheels with brake drum assembled, or ATV wheels.


ART. 270/04

This set of passenger's car wheel clamping adaptors reduces the clamping range of 2". Fixed over tabletops with min. clamping size 12", they enable clamping small 10" car wheels.


ART. 267/04 - 269/04

This set passenger's car wheel clamping adaptors increases the clamping range of 4". Easy to fix over original clamping jaws, these adaptors give the chance, on biggest clamping range tabletops, to reach a maximum external clamping up to 28".


ART. 196/97

Bead pressing lever; it gives a valid help in low-profiled tyres mounting operation. The lever effect of the tool, in fact, exerts a pressure force on tyre far higher than by hand.


ART. 229/01

In order to have an even higher operational safety against contact between rim and metal parts which might demage it, this kit includes plastic protectors for bead breaker shovel, bead breaking support pad and even for the rim surface itself.


ART. 233/01

This kit of plastic protections easily covers the metal surface of the most common parts in contact with the wheel surface, that is clamping jaws, fitting head and tire lever. Made in nylon compound, they grant total operation safety avoiding any touch between delicate aluminium rims surface and metal parts of the tire changer.

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